Upstate New York, October 2012

Map of Central New York State.

Map from Google with some editing by me to add places and place names.

In mid-October, at the height of the fall colors, we spent two weeks visiting family and friends in central New York State.  We flew into Syracuse, spent a couple of days at Ithaca exploring the Finger Lakes, a week in Binghamton where my wife grew up (including a trip to Howe Caverns, a wretched, commercialized remnant of what it once was), and a couple of days at Niagara Falls for immersion in one of the most gaudy, commercialized, but magnificent natural wonders of the world, both the eponymous falls and its down-stream gourge. We then returned home via Syracuse.

The sites we visited are plotted on the map above from Google.

Please enjoy the pictures below.

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