Ancient Bristlecone Pine

Welcome to the Tonal Landscape

I mostly photograph landscapes, though I also photograph people, events of all kinds and special places as the spirit moves me.

I am the family recorder of our expeditions.  We love to travel, and here you will find travelogues of our various adventures under Our Adventures in Images that include commentary intended to give the photos context and to tell a story.  Under Special Events and Favorite Places, you'll find photos of, well... our special events and favorite places.  And in Galleries you'll find photos that I especially like, culled from the other categories.

You'll be introduced to my long suffering wife, Denise, and to our many friends who share our adventures.  They are often asked to supply scale, add human interest, and show forbearance while I take my time to set up that perfect shot.

Please enjoy and come back often to see what else has been added.

Here is what is NEW.

Stephen Clark

Death Valley Sand Dunes