Special Events

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Annie Connor celebrates her 80th birthday.

Annie's 80th Birthday - April 2014

My mother-in-law celebrates her 80th birthday.

My father celebrates his 90th birthday.

David E. Clark, 1922-2013

My father passed away April 9th at the age of 90  He was more than a father, he was my mentor.

My father celebrates his 90th birthday.

My Father Celebrates His 90th Birthday on Thanksgiving - November 2012

My family gathered at my sister's home to celebrate Thanksgiving and our father's 90th birthday.

Jim Dieterich Retirement and Birthday

Jim Kurck, 1953-2012

My old friend passed away in August.

Jim Dieterich Retirement and Birthday

Jim Dieterich Celebrates His Retirement and a Birthday - June 2012

Family and friends gathered to celebrate Jim's retirement and 70th birthday.

My Mother's 80th Birthday

My Mother's 85th Birthday - July 2011

My family met in Cambria to celebrate my mother's 85th birthday.

2011 Avanzando Awards Ceremony

2011 Avanzando Awards - June 2011

At the request of Professor Rick Arellano of Ohlone College, I shot this annual awards ceremony.

Tom R. Selby Memorial

Memorial for Uncle Tom Selby - Sept. 2010

His family held an ash-scattering memorial ceremony on Puget Sound for my Uncle Tom Selby.

Annie's Visit to California

Denise's Mother Visits Us - June 2010

Denise's mother, siblings, cousins, and grandkids from around the country descended upon us for a delightful visit and some local tourism.

Martha Hall 90th Birthday

A Surprise 90th Birthday Party - March 2010

We surprised Martha Hall, a special friend, on her 90th birthday for a celebration of her life.

My Parent's 60th Anniversary

My Parents 60th Anniversary - December 2007

My family celebrated my parents' 60th wedding anniversay at the hotel where they honeymooned in 1947 and toured the college where they met in 1945.

Elaine Clark Davis Memorial

Memorial for Aunt Elaine Davis - Jan. 2005

Her family gathered to celebrate her life.