David Ellsworth Clark


David E. Clark, 1922-2013

My father passed away in April 2013 at the age of 90.  He was my role model and mentor, a restless world traveler, and a true scholar and critical thinker in an age of willful ignorance.  Words cannot express how much I miss him.

Eulogy by Jeff Siggers              Eulogy by George B. Kauffman  

Mom and Dad on his birthday, Thanksgiving 2012.

Dad and Mom on his 90th birthday.

Dad and his tank crew in 		early 1945.

Dad and his M7 tank crew in early 1945.  Dad is standing second from the right in the back with his helmet askew.


My father was my role model:

On how a man related to his spouse in marriage;

On how a man related to his children in a family;

On how a man related to his colleagues at work;

On how a man related to his friends in friendship;

On how a man set about living his life.

My father earned modestly as an academic.

He and my mother made the most of what they had,

And lived life to its fullest:

Loving, for Dad cherished his wife and his family;

Laughing, for Dad cultivated friendships wherever he found them;

Working, for Dad was ambitious in his own academic way;

Learning, for Dad had an expansive and voracious intellect;

Traveling, for Dad was a restless itinerant and saw the world.

My father was the wealthiest man I ever knew.


Stephen E. Clark

April 27, 2013