Martha Celebrates Her 90th Birthday - March 2010


We successfully surprised Martha, our guest of honor, as she arrived. Our hostess, Carole, looks over Martha's shoulder. Martha's daughter, Diane (in black leather jacket), follows her through the door, closely followed by her niece, Suzanne (in the white sweater). Cousin Becky, taking a picture, and her three children, are in the right foreground.

As soon as Martha gets through the door Jenny steps in for a closeup (and a to give Martha a hug).

Martha held sway over her audience with many delightful stories, including something about starting her birthday in a police squad car... hum. Her daughter, Diane, sits to her left, daughter-in-law, Gayle (in black coat), and Suzanne (white sweater) sit to her right. Sharys stands at the extreme left of the photo.

Carole and the caterer set up dinner. Janet looks on.

It was a lovely spring evening and many chose to sit outside. Denise (sitting) speaks with my cousin, Becky, her son Ricky, and daughter Misty. Another cousin (in the yellow sweatshirt), Chris, stands in the right background. Our host, Larry, stands to the left behind the space heater.

Martha talks with Lyn, while at the far side of the table, from right to left, cousin Becky, Angela, and cousin Chris are engrossed in their own conversation. Becky's son, Andy, plays a game while her other son, Ricky, wanders off looking for better Wi-Fi reception. In the background on a swing are Minay and Ellen.

From left to right, Janet, Minay, and Carole. Larry disappears to the left while Chris and Angela talk in the background.

Larry shows off his current project, the restoration of a 1961 Chris Craft Capri wood-hulled motor boat. Chris and Ricky look on from the right.

The birthday cake, I have to say, was excellent. Carole showed mercy to Martha by placing only 9 candles on the cake. (I understand there were 80 candles on Martha's 80th birthday cake!) Unfortunately, after the candles were lit, Martha blew them out too quickly for me to get a photo.

Martha was as vivacious as ever.

All, young and ahh... middle-aged, had a good time. From left to right are Lyn, our hostess Carole, and Ellen.

Misty and Ricky enjoyed the swing too.

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