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Redwooods State and National Parks

So far in 2016:

• In late September we embarked on a two-week exploration of the Dinosaur Diamond in eastern Utah and western Colorado.   (Under Adventures.)

• In May we took a driving trip through Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks, to see how they were faring after four years of drought .  (Under Adventures.)

• In February we made a three-week exploration of Northern Arizona as far as the Four Corners, and returned via Hoover Dam, Death Valley, the Owens Valley and Carson Pass.   (Under Adventures.)

Redwooods State and National Parks


• In May we visited Chicago to explore its magnificent museums and architecture.  (Under Adventures.)

Redwooods State and National Parks


• In September we took our second Road Scholar trip to Southern Utah's Red Rock Country.  (Under Adventures.)

• In June we took a Road Scholar trip to the Coast Redwoods State & National Parks in Northern California.  (Under Adventures.)

• In April Denise and her family orchestrated a surprise 80th birthday party for her mother.  (Under Special Events.)

Death Valley Sand Dunes